A revolution
in lung cancer diagnostics

PreciousMD technologies merge artificial intelligence capabilities with medical imaging to formulate
diagnostic approaches beyond what human experts can provide


Limitations of Traditional Diagnostic Methods
Precision cancer medicine is limited by current diagnostic methods. Traditional tissue-based biopsies, essential for enabling precision treatments, are often invasive, painful, and carry a high failure rate of 30%. These factors delay treatment, escalate costs, and only offer a partial view of the tumor, significantly constraining the efficacy and scope of precision medicine.


Prevalence of Cancer
With 1 in 2 individuals likely to face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, the challenge of effective diagnosis and treatment, particularly in lung cancer, is more crucial than ever. Lung cancer’s impact is felt globally, necessitating advancements in diagnostic methods.


Precision Cancer Medicine
Precision cancer medicine, targeting cancer cells based on their genetic alterations, offers a significant improvement over traditional methods, which often harm healthy cells and cause side effects. This approach is less invasive and results in fewer side effects, marking a major advance in cancer treatment.


PreciousMD is leading the way in radiogenomics, blending radiology and genomics to overcome traditional diagnostic limits. Our approach is non-invasive and risk-free, offering real-time results and a comprehensive tumor view, crucially enhancing precision medicine in cancer care.

The PreciousMD Vision

What makes our solution superior


Diagnostics method

Tissue-based biopsy Radiogenomics
Invasive, therefore dangerous (may cause cancer to spread) Non-invasive, no risk
Frequently inconclusive Aiming 98%+ expected accuracy
Lengthy process Realtime results
Expensive Substantially reduced costs
Painful Involving no pain

Treatment method

Traditional medicine Precision medicine
Low efficacy rate Higher efficacy rate
Involves excruciating pain Higher life expectancy
Destroys healthy necessary cells (including the immune system’s) Eradicates only cancerous cells
Extremely harmful and risky Allows patients to resume normal life
Diagnostics method
Tissue-based biopsy
Invasive, therefore dangerous
Frequently inconclusive
Lengthy process
Non-invasive, no risk
Aiming 98%+ expected accuracy
Realtime results
Substantially reduced costs
Involving no pain
Treatment method
Traditional medicine
Low efficacy rate
Involves excruciating pain
Destroys healthy necessary cells
Extremely harmful and risky
Precision cancer medicine
Higher efficacy rate
Higher life expectancy
Eradicates only cancerous cells
Allows patients to resume normal life
Our Services
DICOMWallet is our free cloud-based medical storage service with an integrated DICOM viewer. It enables users, to store, access and share medical images online while safeguarding the confidentiality of patient information.
Image based EGFR test

Automatic detection of lung nodules.


PreciousMD is recognized for our medical technology innovations, receiving awards like the InnovateUK Smart Grants, European Women in Technology, and a place in the Texas Medical Center accelerator program.
Innovate UK Smart Grants
Round 1
Nov 2021
Dec 2022
Awarded 1st place TIE Women’s London Chapter
Dec 2022
Mar 2022
Mar 2022
Awarded spot in the highly selective healthtech accelerator programme
May 2023
Innovate UK Smart Grants
Round 1
Jan 2023
RTO catapult grant
Sep 2023

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