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PreciousMD technologies merge artificial intelligence capabilities with medical imaging to formulate diagnostic approaches beyond what human experts can provide. Due to the high mortality rate and massive public cost burden of lung cancer, PreciousMD has focused on this type of cancer at the starting point. PreciousMD team is consist of a high profile data scientists, image processing specialists, radiologists, clinical trial, artificial intelligence professionals, specialists, and commercial/business management experts from the University of Manchester, Oxford, and Cambridge. We intend for PreciousMD technologies to become a routine part of clinical practice and drug development and substantially improve the way of addressing cancer.

Technology We Use​

Currently, we are developing a companion diagnostic to identify the lung cancer patients who benefit from receiving epidermal-growth-factor-receptor (EGFR) inhibiting drugs. Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and remains the leading cause of cancer incidence and mortality, with 2.2 M new lung cancer cases and 1.8M deaths annually. In the UK ¬49,500 people are diagnosed with lung cancer annually, with 50% recurrence and just a 5% survival rate.

NICE Clinical Pathway recommends that patients with suspected lung cancer should be urgently referred for a chest X-ray. If the results suggest lung cancer a chest CT scan followed by a biopsy are performed. Should it be possible and successful; a molecular EGFR test can be carried out. This has a turnaround time of at least 15 working days to recommend the first line of treatment. In comparison, our approach identifies EGFR-mutated patients in real-time, immediately after a CT scan is performed.

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